One of my favorite phrases is: "Time isn't money, time is life".

As it is very hard to manage alI expectations without loosing yourself, I specialized in career coaching for executives; optimizing work & life balance


In today's environment it becomes increasingly difficult to prioritize carefully to allow both, a successful career and a fulfilled private life.

Besides on the technical skills, empathy is for our today's and future top managers the most important differentiator. Being and acting empathic takes more energy than a directive leadership style.

This is why having a good balance between energy production (happiness) and energy investment is today even more important than it was in the past.


How can you produce enough energy in private and professional life to support optimal a successful career if you have outside of work no energy left? How to start getting more out of your private life if you have no time for yourself as work and other external factors are consuming already all your time?


To find your answer to this question we will works through individually. I will work with you on optimizing your individual time schedule, while considering your intrinsic motivators and objectives. These areas consider 24/7 which means your private and business life. We can hold the sessions in 1:1 half-day meetings, Skype sessions or a mix of both - all individual to your desire.


I am working with coachees of all industries, currently Pharma, Finance and Recruitment.