- Your General Manager/ Business Unit Head has left and you have nobody with the capacity/ skills to take over as interim solution?

- You plan a bigger change in your organisation and you would like to have some experienced support/ a change agent during the implementation?


Leaving a country/ unit without close leadership for months is a big risk in today's dynamic environment. I have seen several companies which have lost years of time and by that share of market to competitors because they left key positions unreplaced for 6 months or longer.

Employees are unfortunately rarely enough self-motivated to continue performing on highest standards without leadership. Furthermore, it can be very challenging as CEO or Head of Europe to take over the responsibility for a country in addition to the daily work.


I will cover the vacancy with immediate effect until you have hired the right candidate/ the project is implemented. Besides on leading the country/ unit/ project I will make a detailed analysis which will enable you to get an even more detailed overview of the local business. In close collaboration with you, I will further drive your business with the least possible time investment on your side.